• What do I get when I join the Growth Mindset for Shaping the Future program and communiity?

    You get access to more than 30hrs of on-demand training here in the community. It’s videos, articles, images, challenges, exercises and much more. You also get live Zoom sessions at least twice a week and invitations for physical workshops/events when this is possible again.

  • What’s your teaching approach?

    We focus on your growth mindset for shaping the future and we deliver this through our four C’s: #1 Coaching (group coaching, evaluations and lots of Q&A) #2 Content (Zoom, workshops, articles, videos, images) #3 Challenges (based on exercises, assessments and your action plan) and #4 Connecting (facilitated networking with peers)

  • Who teaches on the program and facilitates the interactions?

    It’s driven by Stefan Lindegaard with help from his friends from around the world. You can connect with Stefan and follow his work on LinkedIn.

  • Who is the program and community for?

    It’s for current and future leaders - and their teams and organizations - who want to learn tools and techniques to become a growth leader and work this into their leadership style for more impact.