Course curriculum

  • 01

    Shaping the future

    • How strong are your networking capabilities?

    • 9 principles for new generation leaders

    • 15 signs that something is wrong in your company

    • How good is your corporate culture for shaping the future aka corporate innovation?

    • Best potential versus least resistance

    • The behaviors of Google’s best managers

    • How ready is your company for disruption?

    • Work your stakeholders

    • What matters for your executives?

    • Have the hard conversations!

    • What are your barriers, obstacles and root causes?

  • 02

    The growth mindset

    • Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

    • Your action plan for a growth mindset

    • Your network, their mindset

    • Mindset reflections

  • 03

    Corporate Innovation MasterClass

    • Your home for corporate innovation

    • 7 traits and characteristics for innovation

    • How strong is your executive team on innovation and shaping the future?

    • The definition of innovation

    • The positive circle for innovation

    • Map your barriers and obstacles for innovation

    • Map your drivers for innovation

  • 04

    Personal growth

    • Your Ikigai, your growth mindset

    • What’s your T-shape?

    • Is your network geared for today - or the future?

    • How good are you?

    • How do you learn?

    • Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?