9Leaders…a movement on leadership and corporate innovation…

At 9Leaders, we focus on:

1) Organizational capabilities for innovation
We help our members further develop the organizational capabilities for innovation within their companies by focusing our efforts on the influence, impact and education of their top leadership team, other executives and key stakeholders.

2) A new generation of leaders
We help develop the individuals in a new generation of executives that excels at the intersection of general leadership, corporate innovation and talent management - and we help them get to impactful positions faster.

3) Collaboration through innovation
We enable business collaboration through our focus on innovation.

9Leaders is primarily for people working at the intersection of leadership and innovation in large companies/organizations and scale-ups. However, if you work in the ecosystem around this, get in touch and let’s discuss how we can add value together.

The benefits?

# Assessment and Action
What is the state of your corporate innovation capabilities or a specific initiative related to this? You get an assessment by Stefan Lindegaard including a list of suggested action points. This is a private 3-hour session at or near your location. It’s an optional offering.

# 2-hour sessions on leadership, corporate innovation and talent management
You and your colleagues learn and share the best and next practices in interactive sessions led by Stefan Lindegaard (3-4 per year per city).

# Workshop - Leadership, Corporate Innovation and Talent Management
At least once a year, we do a half-day workshop on leadership, corporate innovation and talent management in your city. Here, we get into a more practical mode with insights, discussions and exercises. You can join with a colleague or friend. 

# Attention to your needs and interests (eyes and ears)
Stefan Lindegaard travels the world and he is happy to connect your needs, interests and opportunities with like-minded people. Let him know and he will try to help.  

Your investment: 

Your time, that it the most precious, but we do hope that you will invest some of it in 9Leaders. Besides your time, we also offer you all of the above for just EUR 1,500 a year (EUR 2,500 if you want to include the Assessment and Action session). You are welcome to bring a relevant colleague or friend to our activities. Get in touch to learn more. 

Please contact Stefan Lindegaard if you want to learn more and support us!

What is 9Leaders?

9Leaders is an initiative founded by Stefan Lindegaard and our mission is to help companies get better at innovation. This requires a different mindset and better approaches for leadership and corporate innovation. We are guided by nine leadership principles. We refer to these as our Impact Manifesto:

# We put people first, processes next, then ideas

# Individuals don’t win in the long run, teams do

# We build organizational capabilities with an inside-out approach

# We believe in the power of ecosystems and networks

# We focus on customers and markets (through a lense of new and merging industries first)

# It starts at the top - with the right mindset and new approaches

# We don’t work with digital strategies, but with strategies for a world that is already digital 

# Our metrics and KPI’s focus more on behaviors than outcomes

# We put sustainability at the center of the business

At 9Leaders, we aim for impact, business results and career development in a sustainable way. We focus on helping our friends from large companies/organizations and scale-ups, but others with an interest in our mission are welcome to join us. 

What to expect?

# A curated flow of insights on the intersection of leadership and corporate innovation

# Workshops, sessions with Lindegaard and friends around the world

# Learning programs in Silicon Valley, Asia/China and other hotspots (extra fee)

# Honesty, direct feedback and high integrity

What’s expected from you?

# Active sharing of cases, lessons and ideas

# Help recruit new friends

# Help a friend in a specific way at least once a year

We are starting a movement. Join us!

You can join our LinkedIn group here!